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Strive Towards Perfection...

Welcome to the Mukwonago Track & Field Team website!  Our track team has a very long and proud history spanning over five decades. We have assembled an extremely talented coaching staff - they will be your coach, teacher, mentor, disciplinarian, and most of all your friend.  You will experience a wide array of emotions: celebration, satifaction, frustration, and even disappointment.  The workouts will be demanding yet rewarding.  You must continually strive towards personal perfection.

The Journey Starts Now...One Mukwonago!

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Sponsorship & Records

  • Congrats to the 4 x mile relay record holders!  Joel Wolf (4:23.44), Braden Schreiber (4:27.76), Joe McNulty (4:40.96) and Chris Clauer (4:42.63).  Their composite time of 18:14.55 broke the previous record of 18:30.21 set in 2012.

  • Congrats to the Distance Medley record holders!Braden Schreiber (3:16.8), Owen Kilton (55.68), Chris Clauer (2:07.43) and Joel Wolf (4:32.25).  They broke the previous record of 10:59.82.

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